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I hired a technician, but I am not satisfied with the service? What option am I left with?

In case you are dissatisfied with our technician, we request you to share the feedback with us and we assure you of resolving the issue by repeating the repairs and services.

Will INDIA DELL SUPPORT be paying for the damages in case done by the technician?

INDIA DELL SUPPORT is not responsible and cannot be held for paying the damages caused by the technician while repairing the gadget. In case you have any bad experience, we assure you of redressing your grievances.

What is guaranteed by INDIA DELL SUPPORT?

INDIA DELL SUPPORT guarantees a satisfied repair services to its clients and in the scenario if the client is left dissatisfied, we assure of doing the repair free of cost and get the customer satisfied.

What will be the scenario if something goes out of hand?

You can immediately give us a call at +91-9717150098 You can let us know what wrong has happened and we would make our earnest efforts to get the right thing done for you and bring back the positive experience

You can give your feedbacks and suggestions. We value your feedback.

How can I cancel the service request placed by me?

You can give us a call at +91-9717150098 to cancel your service request. You need to provide us with your service request number or your contact number over the call to cancel the request.

Is INDIA DELL SUPPORT responsible for the repair quality?

Yes! We are 100% responsible for the repair quality. We assure that the job is done with great satisfaction to the customer. However, in case something goes haywire, we are there to provide with a solution or refund back the amount.

How can I trust that the repair services provided are at an affordable price?

We give our customers to rate us on five aspects- Price, Quality, Punctuality, Professionalism and Responsiveness, once we are done with the services. The review process is an authenticated one, so as to assure great customer value to the customer.

How are the technicians at INDIA DELL SUPPORT verified?

Trust is our forte. We make our technicians go through an extensive recruitment process, before they can join our team of professionals. Each of the technician is personally interviewed before they join the team.

What is the next step, once I lodge a service request at INDIA DELL SUPPORT?

Once you raise a request with INDIA DELL SUPPORT, you will be receiving a call from us with an intention to confirm your service request. Once you confirm the request, one of the technicians would be assigned the task.

How are the services ordered?

There is a three step process to raise a request at INDIA DELL SUPPORT:

Step 1: Describe the problem you are facing with the gadget and the location where you want the service to be provided.

Step 2: Get acquainted with the technician's profile, price and rating.

Step 3: Hire the services of a technician.

Who all are the INDIA DELL SUPPORT verified technicians?

Our technicians are the best across the city as they are recruited after a difficult recruitment regime. Their educational qualifications, skills, background and past work experience are duly verified by us. We assure that only verified technicians visit the customers to deliver the services. The technicians follow the guidelines and process set by the organisation.



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